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Inventory management is one of the main concerns of every business engaged in commercial operations, especially the purchase of inventories. However, as the e-commerce industry has grown, inventory concerns have dissipated, thanks to a new supply chain approach that is becoming more common.


The emergence of drop shipping as a retail distribution process has resulted in the company not purchasing and stocking the items it sells. The dropshipping retailer sells a product and either buys it from a third party (a manufacturer, wholesaler, or another retailer) or otherwise engages the services of dropshipping agents to manage both inventory buying and shipping.

As a result, dropshipping turns the business into a marketplace where customers can come in and place orders. After the customer places an order, you bill the customer, and the dropshpping agent bills you. You'll never have to worry about finding the best suppliers for your products at the best prices. You will not have to worry about product storage or distribution.


At FulfillPanda, we treat your company as though it were our own.


You won't have to think about finding the best suppliers for your products at the best prices! Fulfill Panda wants to take some weight off your shoulders.

Using our comprehensive commercial contacts, we receive price quotations from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers and negotiate the best prices for your products.


FulfillPanda purchasing team knows where the origin of quality items should be made according to inventory specs, we always find the balance between quality and price.

Thanks to our daily handling volume, we are able to get the best deal with our purchase volume which will bring down your cost to a large extent.

We always check with supplier with trending products thus you will be notified once we have any winners and since we have built a strong relationship with supplier, they always offer us best price as they can.

Furthermore, you won't have to worry about running out of stock.
We will be the ones to keep an eye on your stock, reorder it, and process it here at FulfillPanda.

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