How to Find a Legit Dropshipping Agent in 2021?


Finding a legit and reliable dropshipping agent has been quite a “pain” for many start-ups in the Dropshipping business.

Since E-Commerce has leverage to being one of the extremely large and innovative industries in the world. As a result of this modernization, retail sellers have been geared up to massively shift from a traditional to an online business.

Dropshipping has been the latest trend that dominated the E-Commerce industry. Additionally, many believed that dropshipping is the future of E-Commerce. It was indeed a blessing to those outset business owners as well as business owners who are taking ground for the stability and sustenance of their E-commerce platforms. In addition, this has substantially mitigated the risk of loss of efforts and revenues on the part of business owners to which consequently contributed to their overall business growth.

Due to this intensive competition among retail owners involved in dropshipping, one key factor has been identified to be crucial and cutting-edge – the finding of a legit and reliable dropshipping agent to partner with.


So, How do we actually find a ‘legit’ and reliable dropshipping agent?

1. Ask other Dropshippers First. If you happen to personally know someone who is dropshipping with an agent and successfully scaling up his business, you should get in touch with them. In that way, you’ll surely work with a legit dropshipping agent.

If in case you do not personally know someone engaging in dropshipping with an agent, these resources below can be of great help:

A. Join A Facebook Dropshipping Group. You can find these dropshipping groups through the Facebook group search button using dropshipping-related terms. If you are still hard on finding one, you can search terms related to the most popular or in-demand dropshipping company offering such services, YouTubers, and Blogs.
B. Find dropshipping agents on Upwork. One of the best way you can find legit dropshipping agents are those who list themselves and their services in Upwork. You can see social proofs before working with them. You can also check on the success rate in working with previous clients and the detailed jobs they have completed.
C. Make a Post on Reddit. You can find a legit dropshipping agent through Reddit that has various communities sharing the same interests. In these communities, you can ask about who is engaged in dropshipping and they can advise on dropshipping agents you can also work with.

2. Ask the agent for social proofs and delivery tracking numbers.  In this way, you can validate their claim of previous transactions and delivery times.

3. Ask the agent for warehouse photos and videos. One of the ways you can check a dropshipping agents’ legitimacy is by having a warehouse. A warehouse is important for the agent to keep inventories and as well as a place for packing the orders before shipping. You can ask your agent to send you photos of his warehouse and his process with his team.

4. Work only with dropshipping agents with minimum set up fees, no minimum amount, and can send you to sample requested products. When doing business, you should always secure being on the safe side. Do not agree with an agent who set up higher set up fees mitigating the risk of them taking your hard-earned money.

5. Schedule a video call. A virtual face-to-face meeting will ease whatever doubts you have with an agent. You can personal gut feeling confirmed whether to start working with the agent or not.

In summary, I hope this guideline will help you find your legit and reliable dropshipping agent/partner.

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Post time: Apr-22-2021