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At FulfilPanda, our key focuses on ensuring that the people who handle our sourcing, production, shipment, and fulfillment are as efficient as possible. Through a global connection, we’ll be able to help you find, choose and manage suppliers to bring your product to the market.

The Process of Sourcing from China

Request for Quote

A minimum of three sealed written quotes from different suppliers will be provided to you. Dimension deviations, finish limitations/implications, domestic material equivalent alternatives, etc. will be explained.

Production Process

When productions begin, we do in-process inspections to emphasize and ensure improvements then the order will be placed in your name to the company while applying for terms and conditions.

Quality Control

The entire order will be monitored during the process and will inspect your goods before shipment to ensure that they are in perfect order.

Delivered at your Location

We will be handling the logistics for you whether you prefer your goods will be shipped to your Amazon Warehouse, Shopify, or doorstep. Just in time for when you need it, the goods arrive.

We’re Available

If you want to be provided with answers to your queries, you can reach us whenever. May it be with regard to your needs we would still love to communicate with you to establish a good partnership.

Join Us

Here at FulfilPanda, we value you.

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